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Post-Construction Commercial Termite Control

If schools and educational institutions have had termite treatments carried out prior to construction, there is no surety that termites will not return in a few years. Schools are busy places and accumulate masses of paper records. Schools and classrooms also have large amount of wooden furniture and cupboards that attract termites.

Pestofix Advantages

  • Inspect The Site & Chalk Out termite Treatment Plan.
  • Submit the Proposal With Specifications.
  • Use Environmental Friendly Chemical.
  • Odourless & Safe.
  • Use latest Equipment - Like Hilti.
  • Warranty Packages Available - Spot, 1 Yr, 2 Yrs & 3 Yrs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Price Starts - Quoted After Inspection of the site!

ISO 9001:2000 Certified, Market Leader Since 1990 - Govt Approved

Post-Construction Commercial Termite Control Schools & Universities

Majority of government facilities comprise of offices and godowns spread over large areas. Over time the facilities accumulate paper records that can be a prime target for termites. Valuable records can be destroyed or damaged beyond repair by termites and no one will know until it is too late. Pestofix recommends that government facilities, if they have not already opted for pre-construction termite treatment, at least go in for post construction termite control once a building is ready and before it is occupied. Our treatment keeps government facilities secured against termites for years. Records and furniture stay safe and protected. Even afterwards, older government offices can benefit by Pestofix post construction termite treatments.

Pestofix post construction termite treatment for government facilities:

Our team visits site to determine if termites are present and to decide on best methods of termite treatment and time for termite treatment in consultation with officers

Our professionals arrive at timings convenient to the office so as to not disturb regular functioning

We drill holes and inject highly potent, yet non-hazardous termiticides into conduits, cracks and other places where termites have been detected using high pressure injection process

Documents and furniture receive treatment against termite attacks

We use other termite baits and traps. Termites carry chemicals back to nest, feed other termite and the population is eradicated.

We may inject liquid sealants in paths that have been burrowed by termites

Our team revisits premises to check for remnant population and eradicates termites besides sealing cracks and other entry points

Pestofix is a modern pest control agency using globally accepted practices, chemicals and equipments for termite protection and eradication in large buildings and government offices. We stand by our work and assure clients of thorough, meticulous treatments to rid your premises of termites and ensure safety of people, materials, documents and furniture.


How we work

For over 25 years, we have taken pest & termite control seriously, and have millions of satisfied customers over all india to prove it. We use the latest technology to test new and innovated products so we can protect your home with an effective plan suited to your specific needs.

  • Fix an
  • Site Inspection
    & Proposal
  • Approved
    Job Done
  • Create
    smile stories
Technology we use

We use High Quality Odourless & Safe Chemicals From Bayer’s of Germany. Our service is backed by an exceptional quality assurance program, a team of experts, and comprehensive documentation of our findings and service, all of which guarantees our pest control service meets our high-quality standards and yours. We always use the right chemical which is right for a particular pest to control

  • WHO Recommended Products
  • Safe for Aged & Children
  • Technology for Bayer’s of Germany
  • Use Latest Equipment - Like Hilti
  • Non - Repellents products
  • Odorless & Safe
  • Herbal Gel for Cockroach Control
  • Non - Shy Tracking Powder for Rats Control
  • Electronic Ultrasonic Devices for Rats Control
  • Odorless High Quality Bayer’s Premise for Termite Control
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